Low Monthly Car Rental, Best Prices in Town
Affordable Cars for Responsible Renters
MONTHLY RATE = $300 + 10 cents a mile
$300 + 10 cents a mile ($10 every 100 miles).

Flat rate. No hidden or extra fees.

Local, light driving only.

Nice, gas saving (@ 34mpg), reliable vehicles (usually a 2000-2002 Toyota     Corolla or Echo, Chevrolet Prizm or Saturn S series - like pics below).

Other premium vehicles available for additional cost.

Peace of mind. You are never responsible for any mechanical issues,
tires, oil changes, stickers etc. and are always guaranteed a vehicle.

Rentals are on a monthly basis only. No contracts, pay as you go.

Great alternative if needing basic transportation for local, light driving.

1st month ($300) plus $100 refundable deposit due up front which covers your first month.

No additional cost for insurance - you carry your own minimum liability insurance.
2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited Coupe
Comes fully loaded with power windows and locks,
cd player and ipod hookup with infiniti stereo,
nice premium wheels, 26 mpg.
Regular monthly rate of $300 plus 10 cents a mile. Just need full coverage insurance.
Monthly rate = $400 plus 10 cents a mile.